7 comments on “Look At What a Modern Guy I Am

  1. I have one of these things too and it works great as a home phone which leads to the question as to why anyone would still pay a monthly fee to Cincinnati Bell and pay for long distance. My god, wake up people.

  2. If you’re telling me it works fine I might go out and buy one. I seldom use my landline but I like the idea of having one and I think this Magicjack thing might serve the purpose.

  3. I have one for hy computer and my only complaint is sometimes the calls go through really weak and you can’t hear the person you are talking to all that well. It doesn’t happen a lot but just enough to be annoying.

  4. I’ll tell you something. These Majic Jack phones are great. Congrats on getting on board. I hope you know that this can go with you and your computer anywhere. Plug it in to your computer even if you are in Alaska and you are good to go to make all the calls you want. Someone hear said that the calls are weak sometimes. That is not the case if you have a decent phone so spend a few bucks extra as it is well worth it. Stop payng your local phone company high monthy rates and use this phone. You will save a bunch of money. O.K. my commercial is over!

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