5 comments on “New Year’s Eve Questions

  1. Like you, I can’t remember the last time I went out for New Year’s Eve. After I had a couple of kids, that celebration stayed home, and I was better for it. Earlier, I went somewhere every NYE and many times overdid it. For the past decade, I have been sound asleep, or maybe reading a good book, at the stroke of midnight. I still have a few drinks, now mostly beer, but the excitement of the celebration is now a welcome calm in my life, and I look forward to it in a totally different light.

  2. For a few years now, my wife and I got out on New Year’s Eve EVE. It’s a lot less crowded and safer than the real night. We ring the New Year end at home.

  3. Did you know your comment section wasn’t working yesterday? Just wanted to tell you that and to tell you I’m having a small get together on New Years Eve at my place and would like to invite you to it. Your email address is in your ABOUT block and I will send you by phone number. I would love to meet you!

  4. Yeah, your site screwed up a lot yesterday, need to talk to your people about it. Good luck with Melissa. Go for it whatever that means.

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