5 comments on “Shut Up and Eat

  1. This place sounds like another Cadillac Ranch. Do we really need anothetr bad restautrant?

  2. I’ll just “speak” with my money, remaining in my wallet. Your post got me thinking about other celebrity-connected eateries, long gone: Roy Rogers, Kenny Rogers, Dick Clark, Jimmy Buffett, among others.

  3. Karen, I can remember all those reataurants you mentioned and I’m probably older than you. I can also remember that Johnny Bench restaurant in Cincinnati called Home Plate. Gary Bybanks had BBQ restaurants around Cincinnati and Country singer Bill Anderson had Poor Folks restaurants around and even Bob Bruan had a restaurant downtown.

  4. As I procrastinate on my New Year’s chili cooking, I found an old listserve for past Cincy eateries. Amazing how many memories are tied to food (good and bad). However, back to Larry’s original premise that we can verbally choose to pull Toby Keith’s frying pan off of his cookstove if we choose, just as TK did with the Dixie Chicks. From our reminiscing, it’s apparent that less-vocal celebs have tanked on the food circuit before him.

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