17 comments on “This and That about the LOL Column in Article 25

  1. It’s probably a good idea to tell us where you will be or where the regular vendors are located. I would love to pick up this paper but I can never find it.

  2. I’m glad that Article 25 knows that it has got to be on the internet despite being a street paper. That’s a good promotional tool to get the word out. The paper won’t grow if they don’t.

  3. I couldn’t believe it when I actually found an Article 25 vendor last month and could get my hands on a paper andit was a good issue about homeless camps in this area, well worth a buck to read. They have got to get decent distribution and I didn’t even kinow they had a web site. Where is it?

  4. I can’t find a website specific to Article 25, but found an Article 25 blog on a wordpress setup. And it does post at least select parts of the paper. Haven’t seen the “coffee and crinkly paper” edition yet.

  5. I think Karen has found the website. I guess it’s OK but why isn’t Larry putting it in his blogroll? My guess is that it’s not updated very often. That’s kind of telling don’t you think?

  6. I want to get behind this Article 25 paper because I want to read Larry’s column again and I want to stick it to City Beat who dropped his column for more trash, but man on man, you can’t find it any where. Yeah, Larry, tell us where you are going to be. I can’t wander the seven hills Cincinnati looking for this paper.

  7. I’m going to say words that nobody is going to like but I’ll say them anyway.

    When Keith Olberman left MSNBC and moved over to Current, he thought viewers would follow him and maybe a lot of them made the attempt but nobody knew where to find Current television and his numbers have fallen off to the point where he doesn’t even have half the viewers he once did.

    It’s going to be the same thing here especially with a street paper that is just barely that and that has no web promotion or any kind of promotion. I suggest to Larry to keep this blog going because if Article 25 can’t get it together,he will get more readers here than in that paper.

    Sorry, just being honest.

  8. OK, Willie but here’s the think. You are being short sighted. Cirremt hired Keith to bring attention to themselves and to help build a larger audience. It is the same thing with Larry going to Article 25. I for one miss his column and will find the publication that is carrying it. I think you call this growing a business or in this case growing a publication and growing takes time.

  9. Article 25 has been in operation since at least July 2011. According to a City Beat article by Ben Kaufman, longtime news reporter, it was created perhaps in April. Here’s the link to the blog: http://article25news.wordpress.com/2011/12/
    There’s also a Facebook page.

    As an internet neophyte, I hesitate to post links until I check them out. This one goes where it’s supposed to go, and provides proof positive Article 25 exists. I couldn’t read all the articles today. However, from my speed reading, I’m pretty sure the writing shows literacy, and intelligent/alternative commentary, still exist in Cincinnati. Patience.

  10. Karen,

    I like your spirit. You’re correct. Article 25 has been around since April of last year. I wrote a short story for that first issue.

    And you also said patience. That’s what it takes to get a new publication off the ground. When the decision was made to move the LOL column from CityBeat to Article 25, I knew it would be a building process and in reality, that’s a lot of the fun, helping to build something.

    And Article 25 is truly original. I’m excited about it.

  11. All I can say is write your column and i will find it. Damn CityBeat for dropping you and cheers to Article 25 for picking you up.

  12. Streetvibes vendors are all over while you ca’t find any vendors for this Article 25. You really would be better off to do your column on line. People want to read it.

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