10 comments on “On a Crowded Sidewalk

  1. Kind of stupid on her part. Bars closed all the time but bartenders go to other bars looking for work and hope to take their customers with them. I suspect with you, this bartender has blown it.

  2. I think I know what bar you’re talking about as I’ve read so many of your columns. This bartender was a player indeed. She no longer bartends.

  3. I can usually spot phony bartenders a mile away, a little surprised you hadn’t already figured her out. Forget about her, not worth your time.

  4. This doesn’t sound like the bartender at Madonna’s that you wrote about, who is this chick? It doesn’t matter really, she’s just a short sighted asshole who would cut off her nose despite her face. Drink at home.l

  5. Wow. I bartend too and let me just say you got one stupid bartender giving you the cold shoulder on the street. What a fool. A bartender treats her customers well and with respect even between bartending jobs. You want those customers to come back to you. She must be green behind the ears or something.

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