10 comments on “I’ll Always Remember the Downtown Cincinnati Arby’s

  1. I guess we still got Wendy’s downtown but for what’s it worth, I don’t think Arby’s was bad at all and I’ll miss it. There was a lot of variety there.

  2. I know a guy who would buy a cup of coffee in that Arby’s and sat there ntil noon. I wonder where he is going now.

  3. I don’t know why you and others are always poking fun of Arby’s. This is a better fast food place than say a McDonald’s or Burger King.

  4. Sandy, I think most here are talking about the ldowntown restaurant and not the other Arby’s in the area. The downtown locationis hang out for the homeless or for those who have nothingto do. It was great material for writers, right, Larry?

  5. The downtown Arby’s was god awful. Thank god for it’s closing. The food was average but when yout could get an idea as to the person making it, the average become much lower. No napkins, no catcup, no straws, it was a bit of a joke and now it’s gone. I’m going to miss the joke

  6. I got sick as a dog once at the Arby’d downtown and never went back. I think it was a combination of the food, the employees and the people hanging out there. Yep, the old combination platter.

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