4 comments on “Just a Couple Thoughts on Smoking

  1. Okay, I am going to complain. I have no interest in reading another post about yuor bad habit.

  2. Ha ha! I don’t like 100’s so I guess there goes that economizing tip!
    I am a smoker too. It is interesting that we smokers get a lot of flak for our disgusting habit yet there’s all kinds of acceptable promotion of drinking alcohol, which is equally disgusting (if one thinks about all of those dead brain cells, bloated liver and drunken fools trying to get the attention of the opposite sex) and just as hazardess to one’s health. I partake of both so I suppose I’m doubly doomed? 🙂

  3. Smoke your cigarettes and write about it all you want. Hell, it’s your website. We can read it or not read it. Simply asthat.

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