8 comments on “What’s Up with the Weather?

  1. Until yesterday, I can’t recall the last time I got caught in a thunderstorm in January. Very strange indeed.

  2. Tuesday’s weather was the strangest for any January I recall. Fifty-five degrees, thunder & lightning, two to three inches of rain most places, wind gusts to fifty mph from several directions, a little pea-sized hail in my neighborhood, six inches of water on Jefferson Ave. in Clifton, power outages in several spots–and that was just the start. Then the temp plummets to the mid-twenties, and we get some snow flurries. All this on a date when the record low was -24 in 1977. So yesterday’s high of 55 was 79 degrees WARMER than that day. That alone makes yesterday a “nice” day compared to the one in ’77. We have to keep thinking positive.

  3. I know what Tuck is talking about. I was out yesterday morning and the sky got so dark I half expected to see a twister! I don’t recall any January like this ever!

  4. maybe we will skip winter all together? Ha! kind of doubtful but I wouldn’t mind it at all. This change of the seasons is of course a reminder that the end of the world is coming. It is a sign that our lord Jesus Christ will soon rejoin us and take us to heaven. I am not sure when this will happen but the signs are there like the weather yesterday. Prepare3 for it by getting on your knees and praqying to go to heaven. It is not a time to be scard but a time t rejoice. We will be going home to see Jesus soon. Praise his name.

  5. On one hand, I like it, since I’m not a fan of icy roads. If only snow would only fall on grass, trees, and rooftops. One the other hand, we may end up with many more bugs, like ticks and fleas, since we’ve not had the long-term very cold temps that reduce their numbers.

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