15 comments on “A Knock on the Door

  1. Some years ago, I lived in a basement apartment that had a buzzer system to let people in. A lot of vistors to the building, if the person they were looking for wasn’t home, would knock on my window. It’s a bad position to be in. Most of the time I would let them in because I didn’t want my window broken.

  2. Like Sean I also lived in a basement apartment once and experienced the same thing. In this age of cell phones, I have no idea why people can’t just call their friends to let them in. You can try to ignore them, but ultimately the best advise is to just move somewhere else if it keeps up.

  3. You should have asked her why she wasn’t using her own electrical outlet to charge her phone. Her excuse for knocking on your door sounds fisy.

  4. Just to clear things up with RN, there are plenty of people both men and women who have no brains who live in other states besides KY.

  5. With me being a woman, if a man was knocking on that door there is no way I would let him in. Is a woman less threatening? That’s not always the case. Bottom line is that door is locked for a reason and you probably shouldn’t have answered it. In this case, live and learn.

  6. An interesting post today. She ways she was a neighbor but could she have been homeless? I know of a ew homeless people who have cellphones. That would explain needing an outlet. Still in this day and age of high unemployment it is hard to trust even those who seem innocent. Let’s say you got lucky this time but I would not open my door again.

  7. As others have said there is a lock on that door for a reason. Don’t open it for neighbors or anybody slse. Maybe Covington is safer than OTR but siill. . .

  8. It’s better to be safe than sorry and you could have been very sorry here. Stay safe.

    Your words reminded me of the LOL column. Any news about it going to that other paper?

  9. While your writing is always interesting and personal, I read this piece in horror.

    Don’t let strangers into your apartment. You know better. This stuff about plugging in a cell phone sounds totally made up, an excuse to check your place out. I know you’re trusting but this is too strange.

    Wise up! Don’t make me come over there.

  10. Oh yeah, love the post today and the comments. You know, she could have used your cane against you and hit you over the head with it. Don’t be too trusting of Covington. People are friendly there but will turn on you if they think you have something they want.

  11. You were kind of an idiot but I know you didn’t mean to me.; Keep your door shut. Don’t talk to strangers. Myn mother taught me that.

  12. opening the door to anyone at night is a risk. I’ve read you in the past and at your age you should know this.

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