11 comments on “Carl and Pearl

  1. Why did country singers think those rhinestone suits look good? With them its Halloween every day of the year.

  2. I like your last statement, “HEAR I go sharing again.”
    Glitter was an essential element of real country music.
    With all the shiny plastic entertainers around these days, what’s the diff?

  3. I listened to both songs and kind of liked them. I like real country instead of this modern ‘pop’ stuff.

  4. Sometimes you take us to strange places. This was a cross between a nightmare and a dream. Carl looks like a murdeer and Pearl looks like a victim. The songs were kind of nice, the outfits, sort of cool. I neeed to wake up now.

  5. You are loved. Know that. The odd places you take us more times than not need up to be good places. I love Carl and Pearl 🙂

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