5 comments on “Life Before Paper Towels

  1. I still use kitchen towels and not paper towels. Our country is much too throw away. Now, we even have throw away cell phone! I try not to get caugh up in that stuff.

  2. I’m gonna go into “Andy Rooney” mode today, in memory of the late departed.

    Okay, you know what I hate? DISH TOWELS. They don’t do what they’re supposed to do. I spill water on the counter, or water splashes on the table from cleaning. I pull out a dish towel to clean it up. Of course, I’m environmentally conscious, so I don’t use a paper towel for the obvious reason. Dish towels should be reusable, right? So use them. Except as I said before, they don’t work. All that they do is push the water around. They don’t soak up the water like one expects them to. I suppose I could use a sponge. But sponges are made from some form of plastic, which is made from oil, which therefore increases our dependency on oil. So I use a dish towel. But as I said they don’t work. Shouldn’t dish towel manufacturers make dish towels that work? I suppose that I could write a letter to the dish towel manufacturers. Or better yet, start an “OCCUPY DISH TOWEL” movement to protest dish towels that don’t work.

    Have a comment? Write it out on a dish towel and mail it to me. If you insist on using paper to write a comment to me, send it to me through your circular file.

  3. I agree about this throw away society we live in. What I don’t like is plastic soda bottles. What’s wrong with glass bottles that can be recycled? Pay a deposit on them, then get the money back when you return them. Sometimes I think progress isn’t that at all.

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