6 comments on “Garbage Thoughts

  1. Don’t we all have garbage thoughts in our heads from time to time? I can’t decide if drinking hurts or helps with them.

  2. At least you remember to take your trash out. The guy in the house next to be never remembers trash day. His trash has been at the side of his house for over a month and it s pretty disgusting.

  3. The trash bags i bought recently have four flaps. It’s too much work. I save twist ties from bread I buy and tie them up that way.

  4. I can’t stand those type of bags either. I do the best I can an eave the rest to the garbage man.

  5. Thecheaper the trash bags, the likely you will find those twist ties. Glad trash bags are more expensive and come with those flaps. Go eheaper, my friend.

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