7 comments on ““The Mouse” and Taking it As it Comes

  1. Regardless where the column actually ends up, it was a treat to read the column again. A very essay for sure.

  2. Since your column left City Beat, I stopped picking it up. It was good to see your return at least on their web page. As far as this Article 25, if they haven’t published so far this year, it’s a no brainer what paper you should stick with.

  3. I think I’m goint to comment here as I don’t feel like going through all the hoops to do it on CityBeat’s web site.

    It was laugh out loud funny. I’m scared to deathof mice and it is a comfort to know that a country boy like you can feel the same way, not that you are scared to death but a bit taken back by their presense. It was a fun read.

    I hope this new editor realizes the audience you had and brings you back to the fold if that’s what you want. Please let us all know if this happens and I’ll start picking up the paper again.

  4. I don’t know, stay with the publication that actually is in business? Commonsense? You are too good to screw around with something that isn’t real.

  5. “The Mouse” was very funny indeed and a great example why your column ran for a long time and should still be running. Those City Beat people should pay attention to their readers!

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