15 comments on “Panhandling in Covington

  1. Gus, hope you are never down on your luck and never know what it feels like to do without.

  2. When you say that you won’t help the panhandlers, remember that between 1/4 and 1/5 of all homeless people are veterans. (http://www.nationalhomeless.org/factsheets/veterans.pdf)

    Do you remember the homeless man who froze to death under the bridge about 8 years ago? He was a homeless vet. I know, I worked with OVR to contact his family and make sure he got the military burial he deserved.

    They put their lives on the line for us – so what do you do to help them when they are in need?

  3. Rene,

    I think most ofus do what we can to help the homeless, but I get tired of get being in my face everyday and I have only so much money to give. Frankly, it is a pleasure to go ver to Northern Kentucky where you don’t see so much of it. It is nice to get a break from all that begging.

  4. Josh,
    Homeless people ever get a break. Think about that when you’re in your warm bed at night with your stomach full.

  5. To Jackie. If a person is in good physical shape, it’s fairly easy to walk to Cincinnati from Covington but if you’re homeless, you’re probably not in good physical shape.

    To Josh. You need to get over yourself.

  6. There should be a way for a homeless person to be able to ride the bus for free, maybe register with Tank or the Metro or something.

  7. Whenever I see someone asking for money I figure he or she is usually homeless and try to put myself in their shoes. I can’t imagine what they go through each and every day. There is no escape for them.

    Josh, get my point?

  8. Sure, gang up on Josh but admit it, Being approached for money constantly gets old. I’m barely keeping a roof over my family’s head and wayn behind on bills. Granted I’m better off than some but don’t make me or Josh or anybody else feel guilty about doing worse. I do what I can but there are limits.

  9. I feel so bad for these people. When I have money I give. When I dont’ I pray for them.

  10. I have been homeless with a child, who was two at the time. I wasnt a drug addict, alcoholic, consider myself educated, and actually was doing the “right” thing by leaving an abusive relationship. With all that said its our obligation to help whenever we can, even if its something as simple as handing someone a sandwich.. One never knows when they themselves may be the one in need… I never thought I would be…

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