9 comments on “The Photo Album

  1. Over the years, I have gone through old photo albums and removed pictures of those who ended up hurting or betraying me. I do not need those kind of painful memories. Maybe you should do the same.

  2. Your story is touching on so many levels: your brother (and you) lost a friend and you lost your brother and your unique sibling relationship as his twin. I cannot imagine the grief you experienced.

  3. I can’t pretend to understand the pain you must still feel from losing a twin brother but you have a great coping skill in your writing. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  4. Pam would have been happier if your brother continued to live a lie. That’s sad. Feel sorry for her.

  5. Larry,

    Homophobia was alive 30 years ago, it’s alive now and probably will always be alive. This person was never your friend or your brothers. I am sorry for your loss. Pam is a small person and more than liekly still is.

  6. I’m also a twin and I lost her to cancer about five years ago. I know that I don’t have to tell you it is something you never get over but something that the twin that is left has to cope with. I know I will see my sister again in the next life and that keeps me going. Try to hold on to your fatih in God.

  7. Good memories will always keep your twin brother alive. You know that. Let go of this person from so long ago. Thje reality is she let both of you go decades ago. Her lost.

  8. I appreciate your twin brother. It must have been difficult coming out back then. I realize life is a bit easier for gay people now which I am one.

    I’ve read you often over the years and You have never forgotten your love for your twin. You keep his memory alive through your work, through your writing.

    I hope you know you have good friends in the gay community.

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