24 comments on “Having Streetcars in Cincinnati is More Retro than Progressive

  1. It’s not like Cincinnati is a large city so I don’t know how mass transit would be a benefit. We already have decent public transportation. You’re looking for something different and streetcars can fill that for you. Give it a chance.

  2. Are you trying to say you moved to Covington because it is more progressive? You can’t be serious.

  3. I’m not that excited about the streetcars either, just kind of a slower bus that will block traffic,.

  4. Will makes a good point. Functional transit should be the plan. Other countries have done it. On one of my adventures, I flew to Paris, boarded a bus to a village with a cheap motel outside the city. Next morning, back on the bus, to the train station, which was also at the airport, and down to southern France to meet some friends. Alone, not speaking French,and dragging a bike case and my luggage. I KNOW I was a pain to the locals, but I managed. Here, using public transit to travel from NKY to Blue Ash is problematic. I hate driving, but it’s a necessary evil (named I-75).

  5. I think Karen’s comment points out this area’s problem very well. It is very hard to connect the dots as far as travel if you want to use and or belive in public transportation. I remember living in Price Hill years ago and having a job in Forest Park. I have to take three buses each way and time travel was close to two hours. Like Karen, I don’t want to be married to an automobile but in this area you have to be.

  6. I like Cincinnati OK but moving here from New York a couple years ago was like culture shock. I didn’t own a car and attempted to use public transportation, namely the bus, to get to where I needed to go. That lasted three months. I bought a car and now I’m like everybody else here. Streetcars? They won’t help travel that much. I think it is going to more of a tourist thing.

  7. Here’s a thought and something I’m sure you’ve never thought of. Think positive. Streetcars in Cincinnati is a good step in improving public transportation.

  8. Beth, you are a piece of work. You never have anything to contribute and all YOU do is complain.

  9. What’s that old Ronnie Milsap song? I Love My Car? Well I do. The rest of you save your change for the bus.

  10. I sort of love my car too but I think I love the earth and the air around me more. We would be a lot better off with less cars on the road and better public transportation.

  11. I really think the streetcares are going to add a lot to our city, will make us a bit different. You need to welcome the change!

  12. Remember those skywalks all over downtown Cincinnati years back? They didn’t last long. People in Cincy don’t like anything new so those streetcars are gonna be a waste of time and money.

  13. Here’s the way to look at it, Larry. Cincinnati is known for being behind with the rest of the world. Maybe a lot of residents will consider those retro streetcars the latest thing 🙂

  14. Karen, are you from around here? I’m not anymore but Larry and I are friends and I want to say something about him and Cincinnati.

    You’re right, that transit system wasn’t used. Citizens in Cincinnati truly, REALLY don’t like change of any kind. Even if it would save them money, they will turn their nose up to it.

    Larry has been pointing this out for years in CityBeat and now here. For him, he has to be like beating his head against the wall but he’s still at it and that’s why I still read him. . . even here in Chicago where I take the SUBWAY system to work everyday.

  15. Who the hell cares? Either people in Cincinnati will accept it or they won’t accept it. Citizens in the end dicate what flys and what does not fly. Bitch and mourn about it all you want.

  16. Oh yes, I’m familiar with the attitudes here. Back in the day, worked on transportation issues as a Concerned Citizen and thought I could change the world.
    I applaud Larry for taking his stand on this issue and others. And I am intrigued by the feedback, even when it’s not scintillating and sparkling.

  17. “And I am intrigued by the feedback, even when it’s not scintillating and sparkling.”

    Karen, I have noticed this too. It seems to me those who want to be critical of what Larry is saying have very little to say other than quick putdowns. I won’t mention times but you know who you are.

  18. Just curious. . . do you actually think Northern KY is more progressive than Cincinnati? You moved to an area that’s even worse!

  19. For years in your City Beat column you complained about a “dead downtown Cincinnati.” Don’t you think streetcars will make downtown more alive or do you just want to have something to complain about?

  20. Oh my god, Nell, you must be forn and raised here. Streetcars aren’t going to help Cincinnati with anything. Within a few years they will be yesterday’s news. The city does not know how to plan for long term growth. We need a transit system! Something to help us with our daily lives to get to and from work without having to own an automobile. You know, kind of like other cities like Chicago, New York and Portland. So many of you can’t see this. Is there something in the water here?

  21. Ellen… You are right, we need a transit system! The streetcar is the first piece of the transit puzzle. The transit systems in Chicago, New York, and Portland weren’t built in a day. They were planned and implemented over time. In fact, all three of those cities are still building (expanding) their transit system.

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