12 comments on “Politics and Bus Fare

  1. More than likely, Mitt is going to be the GOP’s guy which is great because he is a loser big time. Obama will be back for another four years!

  2. And all the moeny spent surprises you? It shouldn’t.. It takes a bunch of money to be the leader of the free world but when you get in, look out. Romney won’t have to think about this for much longer. He’s going to lose but give him credit for trying to win the race.

  3. All big-time pols, from all parties, live in a different universe, one of mind-boggling wealth and privilege. Our country has become increasingly ungovernorable, and we are left to choose between the lesser of two evils in November. The only thing that has distinguished this primary season is the multiple clowns piling out of the Republican mini-car that is the circus this election year has been so far. There’s not a one that stands a chance.

  4. I totally agree with Tuck that this is a “send in the clowns” year for the republications but the dems should take nothing for granted here. Remember when Bush stole the3 election? It could happen again with this Romney guy.

  5. Ron Paul is true, hones straightforward and believes in what he’s saying. The best man up there. Thefefore, he doesn’t stand a chance.

  6. If Romney loses Michigan, after spending allthat money with it being his home state, it’s going to be hard to come back from that. . . but then look at what you have left. He’s the best of the bunch but that ain’t saying much.

  7. Think of how all those millions of dollars spent on this bullshit could be used for education, roads or, god forbid, helping the poor.

  8. You think any of these guyts have ever rode a bus in their life? Hell no. As far as I’m concerned every one of this is full of it.

  9. I am always looking @ the cost per vote in any election. Agree with Cathy, these funds could be used to help the situations about which these politicians are pontificating. Less hot air. More $$ directed to where it counts. Election reform has been proposed. And what happened?

  10. Election reform will never happen until you take the fat cats andcorporations out of the process and our “leaders” will never let that happen. There will always be loopholes and they know it. There is very little honest government and both sides are to blame. Frankly, I try not to read much about the process anymore. I’m thinking about moving to Canada where government and elections are more honest.

  11. I think for liberals, the lack of any kind of talent on the tired old right side is a win win situation. Obama isn’t perfect by a long shot but in comparsion to the other side he looks like a saint. It’s easy for me to thinkObama will win the election by a landslide.

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