6 comments on “Why is There So Much Junk in My Life?

  1. As far as email goes, the longer you keep your email address, the more junk you get. That’s why I change it every year or so.

  2. If you are getting junk text messages, you must have a Cricket phone. They are well known to send those type of messages. Switch to another company.

  3. Regular junk mail, throw away.
    Junki email, delete.
    Junk text messages, delete them too.

    How hard is that?

  4. I bought a computer from H/P seven years ago. The computer has been long gone but EVERY DAY I get anemail from them about making other purchases. Junk mail never gives up!

  5. When you say junk you really mean advertising. Don’t expect that to ever leave you alone. New forms of communication will always mean new ways to advertise. You should get used to it.

  6. My grandmother tells me that one of her highlights in the old days was looking forward to the mail arriving. There were usually letters from friends. Now, she says, as you said, it is nothing but junk or companies wanting something. Progress can be depressing.

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