18 comments on “We Don’t Need a Christian President

  1. I agree that we don’t need a Christian president. However, having a president who is guided by a higher power is not a bad thing in my opinion, not including people like Dubya who use religion as an excuse to treat others as lesser than human because they don’t believe in the same god(s). Obama has carried on and expanded many of Bush’s policies, so I don’t get why everyone acts like he’s so much better. (Why does the Pentagon still need billions of dollars for operations in Iraq if the war is supposedly over? What’s up with the NDAA? Guantanamo? Extending the tax cuts?) Maybe if he believed in ultimate good/love, he wouldn’t have sold us all out.

  2. You wrote a lot of words that add up to nothing. Those of us who believe in God will say a prayer for you.

  3. Basic stuff here folks. Seperation from church and state. I don’t see what the fuss is all about but then again I have a logical brain.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I remember Bush did a lot of praying before he made the decision to go to war in two countries. Young men and women on both sides lost their lives. I wonder what Bush how prays for. For forgiveness? Of course not. God was on his side. We should never elect a president like that again. Amen.

  5. I agree wit the first commenter about Obama continueing so many polices set by Bush. Does this tell us Bush wasn’t as bad as we thought or does it say Obama is just as bad as Bush?

  6. We need an objective, clear-thinking leader, one not swayed by religious beliefs of any individual or group. Separation of church and state is one of the bedrocks of our country. The intelligence of the citizens is always underrated. The sheep are vastly outnumbered by voters with clear minds.
    And as for Bush, and others like him who like for guidance from the heavens, he has the blood of thousands on his hands.

  7. I obviously meant “look” for “like” in my last sentence. Always proof before sending…

  8. This country doesn’t remember very much, has aq short memory. I find it amazins how soon people have forgotten the Bush years and the lessons we should have learned. One of those is beware of “the man of god.”

  9. This country, our counry, was founded on a belief in God@ You and so many of the rest here and scream and yell and go kicking and yelling about it that is core. One nation under God. It is so basic and so simple. We have a right to know that the leader of our country believes in God and is a christian. What is so complicated about that?

  10. I will say one thing. It takes a lot of nerve to write what you have written. Now, I think I will go for a walk and appreciate this beautiful day God has given us.

  11. Of course, commonsence should rule the president. That kind of logic should also rule when it comes to producing a birth certificate and not years after the request has been made. Nothing to hide, right? Yeah, right.

  12. Can I be critical for a minute? Like you, that’s how I am.

    Your blog is much more interesting when you do posts like this. Look at the response. It gets people to thinking. Too often, you do silly posts like this “Hazel” which offers nothing really. I hope you see my point. Timely issues push buttons.

    And as far as this post, you are on the money. Obama is a can do president and the republicans are desperate. It’s so much fun.

  13. I think Obama knows there is no man in the sky but is smart enough to keep it to himself and play the christen game in Washington. It’s a shame we are such a backward country and the republicans would like it to be even more so. Let’s not return to the 50’s.

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