8 comments on “Scary Weather

  1. You got it totally right about wlw. I think of that station as EMERGENCY LISTENING ONLY.

  2. I live near Boone County and it got dark as night on Friday afternoon. My area managed to stay out of the mess, but entire towns were wiped out in Indiana and many killed. This may be a sign we are in for a rough spring with the the weather.

  3. As you say, Indiana was hit hard, but when all the numbers are in and the damage coverage is complete, Kentucky may have taken the brunt of this barrage of storms. The videos have been truly frightening.

  4. Wise Guy is seldom wrong. We are going to have a stormy spring following by a summer of hot temperatures. Wait and see.

  5. Wise Guy may be right. Warm temperatures this winter probably means we’re in for a hot summer and, oh yes, remember those bugs!

  6. SW Ohio got hit really hard. South of me, one mile, three homes were lost. South of me, three miles, two lives were lost. And all this north of Moscow, Ohio. I was scared. Really scared. Grabbed my cats and my daughter and ran to the bathroom. Our only damage was four large holes in the siding from hail. I really, really need a storm cellar!

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