13 comments on “Rush Limbaugh is Archie Bunker

  1. I detest what Rush had to say but I’m enjoying the outrage because of it. Please note that he issued his “sorry statement” on his website. It will be interesting to see what he says on air today. I hope he digs his hole even deeper but that’s doubtful. Sponsors are dropping right and left and even idiot Rush knows he needs them to stay on the air. I’m living this.

  2. let the voice of the republican party keep talking and talking and talking and bring down their changes of winning in november even more. think positive.

  3. At the very least Rush is mean-spirited and an angry soul. The core of his life must be a sad one. How one can bitch and complain everyday EVERYDAY and find any kind of joy or love in his life seems near impossible to me.

  4. Limbaugh is a fat, drug-addicted gasbag whose sponsors are jumping off him like Titanic passengers. His drug-addled opinions have never had much weight, unlike his body, except for his “dittohead” listeners. He has possibly put the last nail in the coffin of GOP candidates through his vile personal attack using an issue most clear-thinking citizens haven’t cared about since the 60s. What a fool.

  5. 55KRc is the station in Cincinnati that carries Limbaugh’s show. They won’t be dropping it anytime soon or any of the rest of their right wing programming. Say to say it, but people eat up this talk radio stuff.

  6. Rush is a very unhappy manwho makes a lot of money, so money can’t buy happiness. In his case, who the hell cares.

  7. I have no time in myn life to listen to someone so negative. I had a boyfriend once who listened to Rush daily. He was negative too and now he’s gone.

  8. It was wrong, it was stupid, but two weeks from now, nobody will even remember what Rush said. That’s the media.

  9. Wise Guy, I think you may be wrong about this blowing over. I read online this morning that radio stations across the country are dropping Rush’s radio show. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  10. Rush Limbaugh is a prime example of Racism and Bigotry that has long been outdated and need to be changed. The likes of him (Limbaugh) represents a fast decreasing sector of the American public that talks the good talk, but has tons skeletons in the closet that need airing out.

  11. He who underestimates his opponent will lose. I have been watching the events unfold and his program has not lost affiliates, nor may advertisers…. I am afraid that we have not done our homework. Know thy enemy and listen to the program if you don’t it’s like playing chess without looking at your opponents pieces.

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