7 comments on “A Suggestion for Newt

  1. Newt is hoping to win some southern states. That is why he is sticking around..

  2. If I liked Newt, I’d be saying, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” Because I don’t agree with his views, I too would like to see him disappear. Re the political contributions, don’t think that money can be legally directed towards augmenting or correcting government inefficiency. And isn’t THAT a shame?

  3. Newt has always been a fat, disgusting, self-centered, hypocritical, failed political pig, and the sooner he disappears, the better.

  4. Thanks for sharing that article, Karen.

    What’s on my mind in this. I know so many people without jobs who are trying hard to fine one. I know people who have lost their homes and some of them are homeless. I know people on food stamps who have to have them to help feed their children. I’m seeing poor people all around me just trying to stay afloat.

    And I see someone like Newt WASTING money on a presential bid that he has no chance of winning. The point of your editorial is well taken. He should put that money to a good cause and that good cause isn’t himself. Let’s say it the way it is. He’s a selfish pig.

  5. If he is spending money on himself it is not wasting money. That money employs people. Is it effective for his campaign he thinks it is but he may be wrong on that issue either way the money goes to others.

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