7 comments on “Still Catching Up With The Sopranos

  1. I miss this show so it was fun to watch this top ten. Out of the ten cast members, how many on the show whacked someone? It’s easier to mention the ones who didn’t, namely the kids , Chris’s firlfriend and Tonly’s wife. The rest are all murders!

  2. It is my all-time favorite series. I have watched many episodes 5-10 times, and most don’t lose much, if anything, over multiple viewings. I still find myself mentioning the show to others at least once a week. My #1 episodes are Chris & Paulie’s adventure in “The Pine Barrens,” and the (somewhat merciful) whacking of Big Pussy, featuring some Frank Sinatra as background music. Excellent.

  3. My favorite show is also the Pussy one and the one where Chris’s girlfriend gets it and also when that no good Ralphie is killed. I guess I like to see people get whacked!

  4. Like Tuck, I can watch this series over and over and find something new each time. It’s some of the best writing in television.

  5. Whty on earth would you support and talk about something that promotes bad laugage, had nudity and promotes extreme violence? This is good television to do?

  6. Patricia, I just said bad words to my mother, killed my neighbor and I’m sitting here typing this totally naked, but I agree with what you said.

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