18 comments on “My Eyes

  1. Something tells me this will be a cover story in City Beat or somewhere. I remember the story you did about your foot which was really good. The best to you tomorrow, of course..

  2. Sending you love, light and healing energy. I believe all things will be fine, more than fine…. it will go wonderfully and you will being beautifully surprised with your results! 🙂

  3. This post was a surprise but then again you have always been full of surprises. I can’t imagine doing your work here and in City beat barely able to see. Yes, that would be an interesting stoy. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, happy thoughts.

  4. Theclocks moved ahead last night. Just sayin. Don’t want you to miss that appointment.

  5. My sister was nearly blind herself when she had cataract surgery done about two years. You are about to discover a world you haven’t seen for awhile. Nothing but the best!

  6. I would send you a get well card, but you probably couldn’t see it. Just a little humor. Be fine.

  7. My dad had cataract surgery last year and he was up and around in only a matter of hours. I wish the same for you and hope you get back to your writing soon. Really, it sounds like you have never left it. This shows how devoted you are to your readers. This one appreciates it.

  8. The first nice day after surgery, you should go for a walk and look at the pretty girls. Warm weather is here my friend and give your new found eyes a treat.

  9. This is good news, Larry. I couldn’t understand why over the past few months, you always were hesitate to go out, especially at night. Now I know. Get this thing done, finally, and get on with your life.You’re still a young man and now you will continue to live it!

  10. Larry 😦 i’m sorry you have to go through this but i know you’ll be fine. i’ll be thinking of you and wishing you well!

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