12 comments on “Things I Now Can See

  1. And it will only get better for you when you have left eye operated on. This is great news for you but also great news for the people who follow your writing as it means you’re not going away. I think you have made a lot of people happy. Cheers!

  2. With your already shrewd observational power, I anticipate even sharper VIEWpoints in future posts. Wonderful news.

  3. I remember an old column you wrote called Listening to the birds sing and how that was a ritual to your day as far as giving thanks for being alive. Now you have even more reasons to listen to those birds. I’m so happy for you.

  4. Mr. Gross,

    I had cataract susrgerry four years ago. You probably already know that eyesight doesn’t improve almost immediately but wait a few weeks and it will get even better, more detailed. I think you would agree it is like a new lease on life.

  5. I am so glad you are okay. I was worried about you but also knew you would probably be all right. I hear what you are saying about writing on other topics but I have always enjoyed your personal stories the best here and also in your City Beat column. I hope those never stop. Again, you are up and around and writing.

  6. No doubt you can tell your fans are very happy about this successful operation. Now get ready for round two!

  7. I hope you took my suggestion to go out and look at the pretty girls. Today was a perfect day to use that new right eye of yours.

  8. Man, this is a new lease on life, had my eyes fixed some yers ago and it way way beyond time as I was blind as a bat. Surreal to have my sight back again, to see colors and shapes and to see peoples faces. enloy this and don’t take it for granted ever again, the god given gift of sight.

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