10 comments on “Rage, Anger and Being Pissed Off

  1. This person you are talking about isn’t a friend. He sounds like a user to me. When your hurting with your health and I consider having eye surgery hurting, that’s when a person needs friends around and I’m glad you have support from others. Forget this person.

  2. Now that you’ve had your surgery, you should be seeing clearly, literally as well as figuratively. Drop this faux friend who is nothing but a user. Users are the lowest on society’s totem pole , and they all pose as friends until you need them–then they disappear.

  3. Tuck is right but it hurts when this happens, been there done that. The time will come when this “friend” will call agian wanting something. Take some pleasure in not excepting his bullshit.

  4. A couple years ago, I had cancer. It was caught early and I made a full recovery. I was in the hospital for less than a week.

    I had this girlfriend and she and I would go out to lunch about every week. She and her family had little money so I had no issues with picking up the lunch check. as I always enjoyed her company.

    When I was in the hospital, other friends and family would visit, but not this lunch friend. Somehow I was good enough to ba with during lunch, but not when I was in the hopsital. This stuff sticks with a person. I couldn’t help but notice this and it hurt.

    We no longer have lunches together or even talk as I don’t call her anymore. I hate it but I won’t be used again.

  5. Experienced the same treatment, Larry. Decided some people just don’t have the emotional depth to cultivate a real friendship, which (I think) involves give and take from both people. I consider takers acquaintances. And nothing more. Friends may be few but they’re GOLD.

  6. I want to say to Helen that I appreciate what she had to say. Haven’t we all been there, thinking someone was a friend and then we find out they’re not? It’s a rude awakening but its a lesson in life.

    Like you, Larry, I try really hard not to get anry anymore. As you say, life is short. We try to learn from our mistakes and move on. Your friend, the user, will wake up saomeday and will find no one is around him anymore. That’s what happens to users. They don’t learn until it is too late. If anything, feel blessed you have friends and family in your life and feel sorry for him.

  7. I think we are all in agreement that this user frind of yours is an asshole. I should have posted his picture.

  8. Sorry, that’s NOT what I meant to say… did a copy paste and put it in the wrong blog. What I wanted to say… was sometimes YA JUST GOTTA KNOW WHEN TO HOLD ‘EM AND WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM. My vote is FOLD ‘EM.

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