9 comments on “Reading Christopher Hitchens

  1. Chris was a guy who liked to stir the pot and skake things up. We need more people like him in this world. Like you, I miss him.

  2. If people will take the time to read Hitchens, and others like him who make people think and look at life and issues from a different perspective, they will be better for it. Even those who disagree with some of his ideas will be better off for having thought clearly about them.

  3. Tuck, why would I want to read something written by an asshole? Hitchens thought he was right about everything and didn’t even believe in God. No time to waste on him.

  4. FYI: Have you ever heard the phrase “Agree to disagree?” You can listen to or read someone else’s opinion(s) and still hang on to yours. You might be surprised at some the logic and intelligence your find in other’s thoughts if you are open enough to just listen. A thinking person should never fear someone else’s ideas.

  5. Tuck, a thinking person fears the devil and Hitchens was like his son. You and Gross, be brain washed. It’s a free country.

  6. FYI, what’s God got to do with it? Now I gotta sing: ” What’s God got to do, got to do with it? What’s God but just an emotion….” sorry.

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