19 comments on “The Color of Trayvon Martin’s Skin

  1. The biggest story is racism is alive in the US. I’ve been ranting about this for years. I live in the country and have cousins who display, without apology, confederate flags. And blah, blah, blah they defend the flag as southern pride. I’ve heard people speak disparagingly of Obama, cause he’s black, no wait! he’s muslim, no wait, he was born somewhere else! Birthers still live out here.

    My mother saw a bumper sticker locally last week. Follow this link


    This is waaay rambling and I do apologize. My heart goes out to the family of Trayvon. My heart hurts for all injustice that seems to continue to be condoned. When will it stop?

  2. Marilyn asks when will racism stop and Larry is basically asking the same question. It will only stop when people find love in their heart and accept one another for what they are. Now, are there any signs of that coming? No. Not with republicans around spreading heate for our president and not with the south being who they are. I don’t expect racism to go away in my life time. It is going to take a whole new generation.

  3. I have the television on, and Anderson Cooper came on as I was reading your post. His guests are Trayson Martin’s parents. Agonizing to watch, important to take to heart. Also signed a petition directed to the Florida DA to further push for prosecution.

  4. I don’t understand Florida and this “Stand Your Ground” law. It’s likce a license to kill somebody.

  5. You and the others are doing the old rush to judgement rountine. Let’s wait until all the facts come out before we start tossing around the murder world.

  6. Rob, if your in the company of Glenn Beck, then that says a lot about you. Rob, why don’t you give us your feels on Rush.

  7. Larry, you are so, right yet, it will always be as there will always be people lie he man that pulled the trigger!

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  8. Whoever this Carl is, you have got to be kidding. A child has been murdered and your comment is to basically try to sell something? I wouldn’t buy ANYTHING from you. I have never seen such poor taste. Gross, you should delete that comment.

  9. Give old Carl some credit. At least he knew how to pet past the WordPress filters. Still, he’s a jerk.

  10. Gamel,
    There is a time and place for everything. This is not the time, nor the place. You can take your marketing bullshit and stick it up your ass.

  11. Carl, I can honestly say in al my years of visiting this blog, I have never seen a comment quite like yours.

    “Think as if” we really give a damn about this marketing crap you’re hooked up with and that we’re going to buy some shit from you. You were dumb enough to even put your full name on the post. You made yourself look very bad. Not good salesmenship to say the least.

    A child has died, murdered – kind of a serious topic. What the hell is the matter with you?

  12. It’s rare to say this, but thanks to the media, action is starting to happen on this Trayon Martin killing. The killer is going to be held responsible regardless of that damn police chief believes. As far as this Carl character here, screw him. Typical sales type.

  13. I commented yesterday here early on but after reading Carl’s post, I want to add something. Carl is not a caring human being and he’s part of the problem. Trying to sell a product when a serious discussion is going on, the death of a teenage boy who happens to be black, is the worse kind of behavior. Would he give his sales pitch, which was horrible by the way, if the teenager was white? I don’t know, letting it go but he should be ashamed of himself.

  14. I feel so irritated at this whole case. One media says one thing, the other another. We try to filter but the tools we have are often misdirected, callused, self-serving and politically motivated. How the hell are we supposed to know WHO to believe?! I’m now hearing “other stories” and it pisses me off. Why can we not depend on mainstream media to do their jobs truthfully and with fair balance? Damn…. It just keeps pissing me off more and more. I have felt the pain too on what happened to Trayvon…. Sent love and compassion to the family as well as the family of the “murderer”. My heart goes out to all of those around all of our cities that loose loved ones to needless violence and gang killings. When will love and gentleness abound? When will all of mankind understand that hate begets hate, pain begets pain and that sadness and bewilderment spreads through our lives like angry waves? My heart is saddened by all of this.. my heart is angered by the fact that we can’t be sure we get the truth and that the misleading steer us in mass thinking and more pain.

  15. This is sad.

    However as an Indian (with brown skin) living in India, I have seen how people tend to be edgy around black skinned Africans many a times. You could say these Indians are being racist, but many a times these Africans end up causing drug or violence related problems either among themselves or in the locality they settle down.

    Am I saying all Africans are drug dealers? Hell no.. I have seens families with kids or even single men who look like serious corporate professionals or students. On the other hand, I think people would even get edgy against the white skinned Europeans if they have experienced select mafia activity.

    So I think, racism is all about fear against the culture / behaviour of a particular society. All humans are inherently good AND bad. It’s just the social setting that helps either of the qualities come out. And let’s face it – most of us live through our lives with our good or bad qualities that have been given to us by our elders, friends, etc; not ones earned by our own mental efforts.

    So, if people get the idea that one particular country or locality has crime or negativity festering in it (birds of a feather right?) then the easiest way for them to recognise the members of that locality is the stereotyped skin colour.

    That’s my idea about ‘racism’.

    Few people are able to be alert and open to new good experiences that life brings, most of us want to live life by the lessons that part experiences have given us which usually means we remain close to the good that could happen!

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