9 comments on “All Over the Map

  1. You keep writing about this Article 25 and I’ll keep saying that it’s a publication impossible to find. Maybe when it comes out, let us know where we can pick it up.

  2. Sean, If you ever go to Findlay Market, you can always find an Article 25 vendor there. It’s worth purchasing, well written.

  3. Cincinnati Nation and Huffington Post. Occasionally Cavett and Christenson. Good news on the local writing opportunities for you. AND the eye rehab!

  4. I like the attitude of Gawker on the blogroll. Sometime you have the same attitude, sometimes not.

  5. I only read a few blogs so I honestly don’t ever pay much attention to your blogroll. Maybe I will give it a look later today.

  6. Larry, one of my favorite blogs in Queen City Discovery. It is about a small group of friends that photograph abandoned places around town, although 2012’s theme has turned to 200-some-odd views of Cincinnati. Its well put together and I thought perhaps you and some of your readers mike like to check it out. No, I am not associated with them. queencitydiscovery.blogspot.com/

  7. David,

    You’re right. Queen City Discovery is just great. I’ve added it to the blogroll.

  8. Thanks Larry. Being from Greenhills, OH, QueenCityDisco’s photoshoot of the abandoned Surf Cincinnati more or less down the street from where I grew up really made me emotional. I don’t get that from every blog. Surf Cincinnati is now a megachurch.

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