6 comments on “Hard Liquor Comes to the Walgreens on Madison Avenue in Covington

  1. And vodka is great for cleaning too! You could have polished your powder room fixtures after working the place over with Ajax. Visitor left a bottle here and I can’t drink the stuff so I found other uses. Martha Stewart signing off here.

  2. If Walgreens liquor prices are like the rest of their prices, and I’m they are if not worse, anyone would be a fool to buy it there. Make the effort and go to a liquor store.

  3. Well, all these liquors are various types of drugs, and Walgreen’s is a drug store, so it’s simply logical to sell vodka, scotch, et al. Most people seem to divide alcohol and drugs into separate categories, but they are one and the same, the only difference being that liquor is generally legal, while some other drugs are not. This is a country of choices, so more power to Walgreen’s for making more choices available to their customers.

  4. I agree with what Tuck is saying about people’s drug of choice. I hope someday Wagreen’s will be selling pot. A person can dream.

  5. I see people on the time in the Walgreens over in Cincinnati buying food and I’m amazed by that. With food being so expensive, don’t people care that they are wasting money? Soup at Walgreens is almost double the price than it is in a regular grocery store. Even if people don’t have an automobile, it would be well worth it to get on a bus and get to a regular grocery store.

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