7 comments on “Thinking About the Rich–Mo’ Problems

  1. Just let me say I would rather read a regular post than having to look at a damn graph.

  2. The more money you have, the more people want and greed enters the picture. Money with less money tend to stick together and live in the real world. Which is better? I for one need to live with myself. Let the rich stay out of touch. I’ll stay in the real world.

  3. Your accounting background is evident. Great illustration. From an in-the-90% fan.

  4. Being born into wealth, arrogance, selfishness and greed are certainly much of what keeps the wealthy wealthy, so the graph is not surprising. And that also brings the isolation from the rest of us, more pronounced than ever. Money can be a good element in life, but it too often simply breeds more and more arrogant, aloof assholes.

  5. Material things. . . money. . . even more money. . . so much money you can’t spend it all.

    It doesn’t buy happiness.

    I wasn’t happy until I wasted by money on hookers, gin, and even more hookers. Now I’m living downtown in a small apartment with roaches and mice. But I’m happy.

    . . . . still drinking gin. That’s all.

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