11 comments on “30 Cents

  1. I think it would be better to not answer your door when it comes to this woman. Now, it involves a small amount of money but that will change since you gave it to her. Next, it will be a buck, five dollars, etc.

  2. I can only assume you are making your neighbor’s name up. It would be hard for me to live in your building with you being a writer .

  3. Beth,

    I’m pretty sure, actually I know, that Larry changes a few “facts” as to not truly give out a person’s name. Having read your comments in the past, I know it’s hard for you to relax but try to do so here.

  4. Appears “brother can you spare a dime?” has gone up to thirty cents. If “Cindy” is also the person who has had difficulty finding her keys, I’m thinking she has you pegged for the kind-hearted person you can be. Might be time to draw the line?

  5. I can’t help that over the years, you have seemed to attract the “nut cases.” I say that in a kind way as you more times than not willing to help or talk to anybody. I guess that’s your nature and it makes for interesting reading. Hold on to your money and your onions!

  6. “Cindy” sounds a bit like that (user) friend you wrote about last week. After she walked past you without looking, I would drop her just like you should drop that other “friend.”

  7. Why don’t you start knocking on her door and asking for things? Turn the situation around on her.

  8. I can’t stand people like this. This is even worse than somebody asking for money on the street. You hate to say no to those people but for people who actually have a home and then have the nerve to go knocking on neighbor’s doors looking for handouts is sickening. Don’t answer your door.

  9. LMAO!! I’m telling ya Larry, you make my day. I find the whole thing entertaining to say the least. Maybe the 30 cents is well wroth the odd, unusual and “real” entertainment we get. Hey, I got an idea… I’ll send you 30 cents so we can both help her out. Got a pay pal account? 🙂 I just love your stories!! Be well.

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