9 comments on “Star Wars on Morning TeeVee

  1. My question on all of this is how to people find the time to watch television in the morning? I’m busy trying to get ready for work!

  2. The only serious news show on in the morning is Morning Joe. That’s where I park my ass.

  3. I had time to watch a little bit of her with Matt. I saw no different side of her, still talking like she’s running for office. I considered it a waste of my time.

  4. The truly funny, yet informative, “Imus in The Morning” show takes shots at all these clowns on the other networks. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on, ironically, the Fox Business Channel, and it makes me laugh every day. Check it out.

  5. Not as much as he once did , but he has worn it more lately. Jokes about his age, memory loss and his “ongoing battle” with prostate cancer continue unabated. I’m retired, so I watch almost daily, and the show never fails to entertain and inform. Imus is particularly good at author interviews, and he has several weekly. Live music is also featured regularly and, of course, great comic bits from Rob and Tony and Bernard McGuirk. Definitely worth a look or even a radio listen.

  6. I read that Monday’s ratings were exactly as you thought they would be – no difference in the order. When you’re right, you’re right!

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