7 comments on “Walking and Texting

  1. I know that after your eye operations, you are smelling the roses or in this case loving those beautiful cherry trees. This is so much better than that little box people carry around who are so obsessed with it.

  2. Those people on the sidewalk may be isolated and, in some cases, rude, but at least they’re not behind the wheel, a real danger. And, as you say, those messages are probably very important-yeah, right. Simply talking face-to-face declines as tech-tallking increases, and we are poorer for it.

  3. I’ve seen people in their cars texting and it is scary. I feel lucky sometimes to be walking and not in a car with these people driving.

  4. I’ve tried texting and walking. I can’t do it; my fingers can’t stay steady enough whilst in a walking motion.

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