12 comments on “Lying Through My Teeth, I Will Always Take The High Road When It Comes To Mitt Romney

  1. We’ll see what happens at the convention. Surely the republicans know they’re not going to win with Romney. I think he even knows this.

  2. I wouldn’t vote for him anyway, but treating a poor dog like that shows the kind of person he is. Mean and heartless.

  3. He is so obscenely wealthy, he lives in another universe and cannot begin to understand the average American citizen. Whether that makes him mean and heartless, I’m not sure, but it does make him far out of touch with most Americans. This week he mentioned that he’s installing a “car elevator” in one of his remodeled homes so he can drive in, be taken to the floor of his choosing and walk right into his living room. Why he brings this up, along with the Cadillacs his wife drives, hobnobbing with sports team ownership, etc. shows a foolish disregard for the rest of us. This kind of ignorant arrogance, along with his being a cultish Mormon, dooms him.

  4. I agree, Tuck. He is doomed. We don’t have to worry about the lies he says about Obama – just let him keep talking and show how out of touch he is with regular people, like the voters. Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh at his out of touch remarks or be insulted.

  5. Agreed, Romney is a joke but Dems, proceed with care. Keep in mind that a lot of the voting public don’t follow much of anything and this “joke” could get elected. Take nothing for granted.

  6. Agree with Jack Rabbit. Never, ever underestimate the power of the one percenters. I haven’t researched, but I am betting a lot of $$ is going into the Romney election pot right about now.

  7. Yes, beware of that 1%. They have a lot of money and don’t give a damn about the rest of us.

  8. I really think people who aren’t paying attention to this right now will pretty easier see through Romney. I mean, just let him talk and be himself. Let him say the car elevator statement again. Everyday people aren’t going to vote for a person not even remotely close to them.

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