9 comments on “Burning Bridges

  1. Not counting jobs I’ve had when I was a kid, I’ve had six jobs in my adult life, been around 20 plus years I guess. You’re right, you know when it is time to move on and when I have, like you I try not to burn my bridges. What is the old saying, something like be nice to the people while you are moving up because you will meet them again on the way down. I think in most aspects of life, this is a good way to think.

  2. Saying “Take this job and shove it” is no longer a good idea. No new jobs now to go to.

  3. The older you get, the more you come to know this. Back in my 20’s, I told employers to stick it constantly. Swallowing my pride is still hard, but when kids come along, you have to conform at least a little bit. Still, I miss those days when I could be more free.

  4. I don’t burn bridges but I don’t kiss asses either. Knowing you the way i do, I know you’re the same way.

  5. In my lifetime, I have known children who won’t talk to their parents and parents who won’t talk to their kids for reasons that are childish but let so often it went on for years or until one or the other dies. What a waste of life. Burning bridges is never good in anything we do.

  6. Helen, I hear what you are saying, but sometimes it is better to burn bridges. If a person is in an abusive relationship or one that is not healthly, it is better to let it go. To blankly say to never burn a bridge isn’t real life.

  7. I’m just glad your Living Out Loud column is back in CityBeat. I have read “Stray Cats” three times.

  8. I wanted to mention that during my lunch hour, I went out and found an Article 25 vendor and purchased a copy. Just got done reading your column. It was wonderful 🙂

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