14 comments on “Charlotte and Jonathan

  1. I went to You Tube and watched the official clip and yes, this audition is really good but I don’t know enough about the show to know if they can win. Over here, most certainly.

  2. Jon stands out more because of his size. Char needed to turn her mike up. Through to the next round!

  3. Jonathan is the star here with that big voice. The girl is okay but I also watched the clip on Youtube and Simon is right when he says the girl is going to hold him back. Go it alone Jonathan.

  4. What can they do for a second act? That’s the question. I don’t see much in this.

  5. I knew nothing about Simon being over there!! Now I can look at his handsome face again!!!

  6. In your 1st write-up we talked about Reedy Creek recreation area throughout Charlotte’s japanese recreation area region. These days all of us a lot more towards the center of the city and go to freedom car park …charlotte

  7. Well Charlotte showed just how good a singer she is too at the semi-finals – their rendition of Caruso was about he most beautiful singing I have ever heard.

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