12 comments on “Motorcycle Jacket

  1. This is pretty common these days – people asking for money who look like they don’t need it. Sad state of affairs – dont you think?

  2. I liked this story but more description would have been nice, Like, what does your Zippo lighter look like?

  3. You’re right, Jim, this does read like a mini LOL. I really like the “30 Cents” post from a few weeks ago.

  4. I hope I was suppose to laugh along with this as I did. I could simply see you talking to this old dude in your motorcycle jacket.

  5. How old are those motorcycle jackets you have? If they are over 20 years old, they are considered vintage, could be worth some money. Don’t throw them away!

  6. I think that you probably had a preconception about motorcycle riders before you wrote this story and that you were looking for any reason possible to speak ill of them. So, you are saying that the reason the guy on the motorcycle asked you for money is because he somehow related to you because you had long hair and a jacket? The logic behind this is unfounded. Many people have long hair and wear motorcycle jackets, shirts or other attire. That means little to motorcycle riders. Perhaps you didn’t think much of your brother. Perhaps the shiny motorcycle was like your brother’s and you thought your brother was a bum. Your story is filled with metaphors.

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