6 comments on “Does Woody Allen Think Cincinnati is Ridiculous? Do You?

  1. He made another reference to Cincinnati in another of his movies, I think “Annie Hall.” I agree with Erin, he thinks it’s a funny name for a city which it is!

  2. Cincinnatians, in general, seem to prefer a more conservative life. They would like to return (lazily, as Larry notes) to life as it was in post-WW2 to the late-fifties, early sixties–pre-Civil Rights/Vietnam eras. But that ain’t happenin’, and modern, contemporary life throws many of them curves they can’t handle. Mark Twain was correct–life everywhere else seems to take forever to get to Cincy. But I still like living here a lot. It’s entertaining, and sometimes humorous, to see Cincinnatian’s reactions to the rest of the country.

  3. Pretty much bullshit from Woody Allen. How can he make fun of someplace he has never been? Ship him some Skyline.

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