7 comments on “There Will Only Be One Barnabas Collins

  1. Once at a yard sale, I got some Dark Shadows paperback books. They were novels and not verygood ones. Maybe the show was better.

  2. I’m a Johnny Depp fan so I know all about this movie. Can I assume you will be seeing it? It might be interesting for you to compare notes from the series to the new movie.

  3. I remember my mom watching this but I was only a little kid. I remembered it scared me and my mom yelling at me because of it.

  4. The trailer from the movie looks like a comedy. From old chips I’ve seen from the show, it was suppose to be a drama but kind of looks like a comedy too. I’m curious, I’ll go see the movie.

  5. Barnabas more or less leads the way for the new movies and television shows around today – kind of the first likable vampire. Goodbye Barnabas!

  6. I don’t admit this often, but I’m old enough to remember Dark Shadows. I always thought the show was live with all the mistakes and there were a bunch of them. I found out recently it was taped so I don’t get it. It was like “Keep going no matter what!” It had its charm, of course a different era that I sort of miss.

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