21 comments on “Guilty Thoughts about Dick Clark

  1. Maybe it would have been best to wait a little before raking Dick Clark over the coals. A lot of people loved him and he has just died.

  2. The guy was before my time. My mom likes him so because of her, screw you. Just kidding.

  3. At first I thought your guilty thoughts were of a sexual nature. Glad that’s not the case.

  4. I happen to agree with you. I have never considered Dick Clark a “National Treasure.” He was a businessman. Nothing wrong with that, but let’s not make him some kind of god.

  5. I remember “Bloopers and Practical Jokes,” If Clark was hoping to be a god, this show killed it.

  6. I think the most important thing that someone leaves behind after crossing over is how we made someone “feel”. Thoughts can fade with time.. but feelings can last a lifetime. He always made me feel young and alive. I really don’t care to much about how he made his money, how he was with his family.. not that those things aren’t important..just not to me. He made a generation of people feel alive and able to dance their way through life. Dancing in it’s self has changed the lives of many I’m sure… we should all dance MORE. Dancing is so creative, alive, expressive and just plain fun! Hope you are dancing Dick.. instead of just helping us do it. 🙂

  7. He was an adequate tv deejay for his times, but he wasn’t truly cool or hip. I’m not black, but Don Cornelius & his “Soul Train” was much, much cooler and hip than anything Clark ever did, especially his weak music on the so-called “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” He was, however, excellent at one thing-making tons of money off insipid tv shows. RIP, Dick.

  8. Don’t feel bad, Larry, or guilty. He wasn’t cool, he wasn’t hip and as Tuck has said he knew how to make money off bad television shows. I’m sure he left his family millions. God bless them.

  9. So you love Barnabas Collins, a vampire, but you hate Dick Clark, a really nice man. No, nothing wrong with you.

  10. Trisha, last time I checked, vampires aren’t real. Maybe Dick Clark wasn’t either, but rumor has it he was.

  11. What the hell is all this? You write about a guy like Dick Clark and the ants come out of the wood work. He wasn’t a big deal at all!

  12. Some will say it is too soon to write negative things about Clark but on the other hand, writing should be done when the iron is hot. I don’t have strong feelings either way about the man. To me, he was a television host and just an OK one. Maybe he was a better creator or producer.

  13. Dick Clark was good at what he did — create and produce horrible television shows. In the beginning he started out good with American Bandstand but that became cheapened when he sold out. Those are the facts, folks.

  14. Well, maybe, but I think history bares out he was ALWAYS sold out. And, had good lawyers….walked away from the Payola scandal Alan Freed paid for, and the simple fact was he owned or was co-owner of 33 independent record companies, so, he had the most to gain with American Bandstand.

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