9 comments on “Revisiting The Ohio Express

  1. I remember this cover story very well and enjoyed rereading it. CityBeat needs to rethink doing away with cover stories. It gave the paper more importance.

  2. I usually enjoy your posts but there is something to be said for a long, good old cover piece :))

  3. Guess I never read this in City Beat when it came out. A great story, especially like the beginning when the “real” group appeared on American Bandstand stoned! Well written story, Larry.

  4. Oh, I remember this piece very well indeed. It occured to me at the time that these guys were idiots. Not in their younger days but now! Did they really think they could continue to get away with this and not get exposed? Just start with a Google search and within minutes they are exposed! A good article!

  5. Good for you for digging deeper on this story. I bet these guys were sorry they agreed to talk to you especially at the beginning. They had to know you would find them out.

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