9 comments on “Kris Wants a Cigarette—Kris Wants My Walking Cane

  1. I remember that City Beat column you wrote about sitting on a bus bench on Madison around the Walgreens. It was funny and I am gussing you live in downtown Covington. As a writer, be thanful. You will always run into funny characters in that area of down!

  2. Just keep saying “no” to these freeloaders you seem to attract. You don’t need these “friends” who value you only for what material items they can get from you for little or nothing. Eliminating them from your life will leave you with only real, true friends.

  3. I agree with Tuck that you seem to attract freeloaders but having read you for years here and in CityBeat, you simply ATTRACT and that’s because you will talk and associate with anyone. All anybody has to do is read some of your bus essays which are some of the best stories out there. Your hassle is more times than not our gain!

  4. Aw, nothin’ will ever change Larry. He’ll talk to anybody to get a funny line or story 😉

  5. I like who you attract Larry.. you always manage to be kind, even if you don’t really want to. Says a lot about your heart. Some say you’re crazy for doing so.. I say great Karma is being created for either here or later. 🙂

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