15 comments on “Prostitutes Aren’t Allowed to Sit Down in Covington?

  1. That area of Covington, around Walgreen’s, is a hot bed of activity for prostitutes and I’m sure an area of frustration for the cops. With all that work around 12th Street, the area is starting to come back. My guess is within a year or so, these ladies are going to have to find someplace else to do their business, probably future down on Madison before you get around the Ohio River. My guess is look for the “middle” of Madison to become the seedy area.

  2. You know what, let the hookers hook and bring back the strip clubs to Covington. We could use a little sin city action.

  3. I’m old enough to know what Gene is saying as I remember all those strip clubs in Covington. I think there is one left. Larry, why don’t you check it out for me? 😉

  4. You can turn this into a prostitue blog for all I care. Include pictures and videos.

  5. I don’t mind prostitutes sitting but I don’t want them at eye level if you know what I mean.

  6. Men say the typical thing don’t they? This is all a big joke to them and that’s clear here. I know it is asking too much but try to put yourself in these ladies shoes. Is this something you would want to be doing? Maybe I’m begging for a serious answer.

  7. Your kind of repeating yourself from yesterday but as far as this stuff goes, I think it should be legal. Around Vegas, it is the norm and it keeps the woman safer. No, it will never happen in this area but one can put it on a wish list or something.

  8. Cops don’t want them sitting. Cops want prostitutes in a reclining position.

  9. These women have a hard life but the guys here think it is all a joke. Bet they all have big guts and small dicks.

  10. As I read the comments, I see the obvious. Men are cool with prostitution, women aren’t. Men agree, you always pay for sex. Wives are extremely expensive, especially when they become an ex. Some women think nothing of letting you spend money on them, knowing they have no intention doing anything. Women just don’t like men having a cheaper, easier option. Prostitution is the oldest profession, and just like prohibition, the government needs to stop trying to legislate morality. Law enforcement is overburdened with this issue. Legalize it, tax it and monitor the prostitutes for medical safety. Does anybody remember what used to happen when abortion was illegal? It happened underground anyway, often with horrific results.

  11. As an additional thought, why is it ok for a woman to pay to remove a full human body from her uterus, but can’t get paid to put part of a human body in it? After all it is her body. Women use their sexuality for gain from exotic dancers, to pornography, to landing very legitimate jobs. They often use it to marry into money. Why is society so against the man getting something out of it? Women drive the law against prostitution to eliminate the cheap competition. Plain and simple.

  12. Rob: Your comparison of prostitution to marriage is flawed. Is that a useful or insightful — or even particularly apt — analogy? Or is it self-serving? If you think that men *always pay for sex (ie marriage), then it sounds like you might have limited experience with love and intimacy (??) For your sake, I hope that someday you will get to have that experience — and that it will allow you to understand why prostitutes aren’t just cheaper versions of wives — and why prostitutes deserve our empathy and compassion. Although legalizing prostitution *may* be beneficial in some ways, your posts lack compassion, and is therefore unconvincing.

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