5 comments on “The Human Condition: Meeting Ernie Jay

  1. Being trusting can be a good thing, but would you have walked with this man if the sun had gone down?

  2. I think we are conditioned to talk not to strangers or to not trust them. Despite this, you usually put yourself out there and communicate. Must be the writer in you. I would rather play it safe.

  3. I picked up last month’s Article 25 but this was certainly worth a second read 🙂

  4. Good story but to be honest with you, I would have kept moving. I’m one of those people who want to play it safe.

  5. • Love this story about Ernie… makes me wonder how many of us have experienced the loss of another; death of the physical self, maybe of a relationship, a job/career or maybe a portion of our own spirit? Loss is hard; there is no good way around it. We go through the grief process, feel the pain, the anger, the denial and finally some resolve… so “they” say. Maybe some get stuck.. stuck somewhere in this well-defined process of emotional shit. Maybe some can’t find their way out. Maybe Ernie has simply lost his way, lost himself and can’t find it again. I’ve felt those feelings, still struggle with them sometimes. Loss, grief, your world turning upside down… we ALL have in some way at some time. Or..we will. Let’s hope WE find OUR way to a better world within the darkness of our own souls.
    Nice story Larry… it awakens me. Thank you!

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