12 comments on “Let’s Stop Pretending That We Give a Damn about Ted Nugent

  1. When I think of your generation I think of peace and love. Nugent doesn’t exactly fit into that mold. He’s a hater.

  2. When you more or less threaten the President of the United States, you tend to make headlines. That’s the only reason Nugent is in the news. Out side of that, you are right. He’s a has been.

  3. Nugent’s not a has-been; he’s a never-was. A mediocre, at best, guitar player and “singer” whose band had one hit way back (“Journey to the Center of Your Mind”), he has been overrated from the start but has popped up now and then in the media for his right-wing, gun-nut fantasies. He has also apparently killed lots of animals and continued making music no one buys. How he does it is a mystery. As Larry says, let’s stop wasting our time on him, and maybe he’ll disappear.

  4. I know he is a hunter and enjoys killing animals. I would kill his music but I’ve never listened to him. No reason to start now.

  5. I have been forced to listen to this jerk’s music from time to time as I have a friend who likes him. His music sucks because Nugent has no soul and Tuck is right — the guy isn’t even a great guitar player. As far as killing animals, what can you expect from a person who has no soul? And Larry, his talk show ended some time ago and it was only local in Detroit. He’s an idiot and maybe thats why the media pays attention to him. The media seems to like idiots.

  6. He’s more than a little before my time. Just as well. Sounds like a jerk.

  7. For a guy in his 60’s, he’s still sexy. Anybody got any tape so I can tape his mouth shut?

  8. The Ted Nugent Mixed Drink
    1 shot to the heart of a wild animal plus
    1 shot of cheap NRA liquor
    served over a crowd that is overly needy of a hero
    drink while listening to thin power chords

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