7 comments on “What We Eat in Cincinnati

  1. You did give me an idea for lunch. I haven’t been to Skyline in weeks. I’m hungry for it and it’s not even eight o’clock!

  2. I don’t believe these findings. You mean to say McDonald’s is not in the top five?

  3. Gus, The story is about restaurant chains based in Cincinnati. McDonald’s isn’t based here.

  4. I can’t do La Rosa’s on a regular basis either. I think there is something in that sauce they use that gives me the runs. Yeah, taste great but I don’t feel like paying for it later.

  5. Ever notice how some of the worst restaurants chains — Taco Bell, KFC, Subway — are located in GAS STATIONS? There’s a reason for that.

  6. Maxie,
    Put a little gas in your car, put a little gas in your stomach 😉

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