10 comments on “The Greatest Country Song of All Time?

  1. I kind of liked it. I think I like older country music better than this new stuff.

  2. I know of this song. It is the type of song that makes you want to kill yourself.

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  4. Today’s so-called country music is simple, watered-down bad rock “n” roll. The greatest is Hank Williams’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” and he also wrote many other great ones. In general, country is the special-ed section of the music world.

  5. Hank Sr. is no doubt the best, Tuck. Hank Jr. in the 80’s was pretty good too. Hank III, sorry to say I don’t think cuts it.

  6. He stopped loving her today is probably the most COMMERCIAL country song but not the best. Anything by Hank has it beat.

  7. Anything with Hank or maybe some Patsy Cline, but this one’s just too maudlin. As far as the David Allen Coe song, it was written by Steve Goodman and John Prine as a joke. Prine refused to let Goodman put his (Prine’s) name on it as co-author.

  8. Just about any song off of Johnny’s Live at Folsom Prison LP is the best. A complete statement of theme. That or The Pretenders “Thumbilina”.

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