16 comments on “Obama Supports Gays and Romney Bullies Them

  1. I just hope voters will see what they will get in a guy like Romney. Take this bully stuff. Romney says he can’t remember what he did. Honestly, does anybody believe that? High school for me was 20 years ago. I can still remember the good, the bad and the ugly. I think it is Romney’s choice to forget the ugly and hope voters will buy it. I hope we’re not that stupid.

  2. The Republicans have a lot to fix now. Their stand on gay issues is very 20th century and now they have Romney who was and probably still is a bully. Voters will care about all of this. It is up to the Republicans to turn this around. With Romney, I doubt if they have the will to do it.

  3. Being a gay man, I was bullied in high school. This is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I can’t, won’t forget it. I would like to ask Romney to put himself in my shoes and be the victim instead of the bully. I think if he could, he would remember it like it was yesterday.

  4. Message to Romney: Character is built in a person early on. Your character is flawed.

  5. The crap Romney tried to float about “not remembering” what happened in that high-school assault is just that–crap. Everybody remembers most signal events in high school, the good and bad, and I do not buy this obviously poor memory excuse. Most Americans won’t either, and although it seems a small moment in this privileged rich boy’s life, it tells us oh so much about this man and his character, and lack of it.

  6. Want to echo what Tuck has just said. This not remembering is crap. I can only hope people will see through this and see a man with no character, a man who doesn’t care to be decent to others. Larry, your bringing up the dog on the roof of the car is a perfect example of the kind of man we are dealing with here. No, not interested in having him as president or even dog catcher for that matter.

  7. I can’t wait for the GOP convention and watch the Republicans try and fix the mess they are in. I think it will be great comedy.

  8. The media is starting to bully Romney for being a bully. What goes around comes around. Sort of.

  9. I can’t add much more than what other people have said here. This is a liberal blog so everything is a little one sided and that’s find with me. Just keep in mind we have a long ways to go until November. A lot at happen on either side.

  10. The greatest part of all of this is LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR “ALL”. It matters NOT what your sexual orientation is, your color, your religious stand, your political choice, your hair color or your eye color. For All means just that. What is the point of justice if it only serves a few? What is the point of these United States if there are those that cannot feel safe? What is the point of inflicted pain, in a what so many proudly claim, to be a “Christian” country? It’s important to take a step back.. take a look at the bases of these haters and see the Jesus NEVER said worship me……. He said FOLLOW ME; a much harder act to follow then going to church on Sundays, Easter and Christmas. It commands you to love not HATE. If greed and fear did not dictate the lives of many our world would be a better place. I hardly think that the pain (physical or emotional) would be a part of Jesus’s walk.. nor should it be ours! There is no need, absolutely NO need for anyone in our world to be without adequate food, shelter, medical attention or freedom from fear! But that is a topic for another day. Be well.

  11. I wonder if the kids being drone-bombed by Obama in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen feel bullied at all? I guess the dead ones don’t.
    Has Romney drone-bombed any gay kids to death? If or when he does, that will make him an even worser bully!

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