10 comments on “I Know Who Carmen Electra Is

  1. By Hollywood standards, I suppose Carmen is considered over the hill but take a look at her. She is as hot as ever.

  2. A person who acts, models, sings, judges, etc. probably isn’t very good at any of them. Jack of all trades, master of none.

  3. About ten years ago, I met Carmen’s brother in a bar. He was a pleasant guy and said Carmen was a sweet sister who was really unlike the celebrity picture most of us had of her during her rise to fame. He seemed a bit embarassed only by her brief marriage to the outrageously weird hoopster, the multi-tatted and pierced Dennis Rodman. As he talked of her childhood sweetness and her being a good sister, I got a greatly different impression of her, one I still have.

  4. I’m a little surprised other Americans watch Britain’s Got Talent too! I watched those audition shows where Carmen was the guest judge and thought she was actually very good at it, seemed to care about the people she was judging. The guy in me has to say she looks really good for a woman who just turned forty.

  5. There is something about her eyes that bother me. She’s like a cat that can look right through a person.

  6. Like any red blooded American I watched Baywatch. Of course, Carmen in pretty and built as they say. Not much of an actress, neither was Pam Anderson. Now both in their 40’s still not bad eye candy but that’s about it.

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